Chillout Zone for urbanites
The winter in Berlin is cold, tough and long and the distance to the Caribbean            10 hours by flight. The search for a well-tempered climate within close proximity prompted its founders to create the Olivin Wellness Lounge.

On the border of the Prenzlauer Berg and Mitte districts, located directly nearby the Pfefferberg compund, this former Berlin factory was synthesized into a posh lounge and Finnish sauna for winter-stressed residents and visitors to Berlin.

What's the meaning of 'Olivin'
'Olivin', from the Latin 'oliva', is a stone that earns its name from its shining green olive and pistachio colouration. The stone's great popularity dates back to ancient Rome and Egypt as well as the Baroque era. 

In gemstone-therapy it is used to strengthen the heart chakra. It supports indepen- dence, relieves anger and feelings of guilt. It helps one to recognize mistakes, strengthens confidence and brings calmness. Olivin is said to help fight ones own nervousness and can even bring peace to the angriest adversary, as well as strengthen vision. It is said to have the characteristic of the 'double-refraction of light'...Besides it looks good!

Olivin is the stone used in our sauna oven.

What does ’AufguSS’ mean?
An 'Aufguss' is the ritual of pouring water mixed with essential oils onto the hot stones of the sauna oven. This process increases humidity, thus setting free the healthy ingredients of the oils.